Hardware engineering

The Design department of Elettrotecnica Imolese is staffed by more than 20 highly specialised engineers, industrial experts and technicians.

A background of forty years of industry-specific expertise allows Elettrotecnica Imolese to make available to its customers extensive design support and/or technical service in the field of industrial automation - as required by national and international markets.

Elettrotecnica Imolese's design activity is performed in compliance with the standards of each country for which a product is intended:

for example, EN Standards are applied for European markets, UL Standards are applied to American markets, CSA Standards are applied to Canadian markets, while for other markets the current local regulations apply, complemented where necessary by reports by primary consultancy firms.

Elettrotecnica Imolese adopts primary 2D and 3D CAD software applications such as:

  • SPAC Automazione,
  • Eplan P8,
  • Cadelet,
  • Autocad 2D,
  • SolidWorks 3D

Elettrotecnica Imolese adopts specific software applications for the calculation of short-circuit currents, sizing of the cables, thermal calculation of the electrical switchboards, and requirements according to currently applicable regulations for system designing.

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