1980 Ottavio Foresti and Francesco Brunori establish Elettrotecnica Imolese, originally based in Via Selice, Mordano, Bologna. It is the beginning of a long and profitable industrial success story.

1985 Twenty years' experience in the brick industry combined with the solid skills of our team lead to the setting up of the first industry-specific automation systems based on continuous industrial processes, using industrial and commercial PLC systems.

1988 The business is moved to a new building in Via Pagnina, Mordano, Bologna.

1989 The first automated systems for machine tools are engineered using CNC systems. Engineering of the first SCADA supervision and control systems for process plants.

1990 The facility in Via Pagnina, Mordano (Bologna) is enlarged, adding an office area, and finally making the most of the company's potential.

1992 A partnership begins with the University of Bologna focussing on graduation theses: this combines study and training, leading to the acquisition of technical and professional skills, and creating a synergism between theoretical studies, training organisms and the Company.

1996 The facility of Via Pagnina in Bubano di Mordano (Bologna) is added newly acquired and restructured nearby areas to reach a total surface area of 18,000 m2, 600 m2 of which are used for offices, 2000 m2 for production and 1000 m2 for storage and warehousing.

1998 Design and construction of a motion control automation system for a packaging line with a 20-axis virtual cam system.

2003 The Foresti family acquires all the corporate shares of Elettrotecnica Imolese.

2007 A primary Italian company chooses Elettrotecnica Imolese as its industrial partner to support its approach to world markets for the construction of turnkey brick making plants

2010 Elettrotecnica Imolese, through its constant and continuous commitment to technological innovation thanks to agreements with leading manufacturers playing the role of solution partners, has achieved diversification in various industrial and merchandise sectors with technologically advanced applications.

2013 Elettrotecnica Imolese is granted the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification

2016 Elettrotecnica Imolese is granted the "Authorization to mark ETL listed for Industrial control panel UL508A"

2017 New 3,000 m2 production plant opening in Via Bentivoglio in Imola (Bologna) reflecting the constant company growth trend and optimisation of Lean Manufacturing.

2017 Elettrotecnica Imolese innovates its technologies and know-how in the field of robotic islands with leading Anthropomorphic and Scara Robot manufacturers creating high speed applications in several industrial sectors.

2018 Elettrotecnica Imolese invests in technologies and training to achieve a leading role in INDUSTRY 4.0 digitization.

2019 Elettrotecnica Imolese organises a 3-day "Open House" event by opening its doors at facilities in Imola and Bubano di Mordano to its Customers, primary suppliers and partners.

2020 Elettrotecnica Imolese celebrates 40 years of activity.