Industry 4.0 & IoT

"Industry 4.0 refers to the creation of added value thanks to industry digitization. It is the intelligent, real-time connection of people, machines and devices to achieve coordinate systems."

Source: Frauhofer Italia 2018

Industry 4.0 is based on two basic concepts, Integration and Interconnection.

Integration: of hardware machines which, through software systems, extrapolate real data that lead to production improvements. Interconnection: of internal systems and external systems to improve data transfer and communication from the company to customers. The goal of Industry 4.0 is to create new business models, increase productivity and improve working conditions. Industry 4.0 promotes the Smart Factory concept: intelligent factories based on cooperation between humans and machines.

Elettrotecnica Imolese is the ideal technological partner, supporting its Customers in the transition towards Industry 4.0. - and the future.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology aiming to enhance the ability to collect and use data from multiple sources (industrial products, factory systems, transport vehicles etc.) in order to achieve more extensive digitization and automation of processes, and to use machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to create new businesses and added-value services for customers and end users.

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