Switchboard construction

Production of Electrical Switchboards for Industrial Automation

Elettrotecnica Imolese designs and manufactures electrical command and control boards for the automation of industrial, packaging and robotics processes.

In order to comply with high quality standards, our production processes are organised according to the Lean Production method.

Our work method allows customised and standard electrical switchboards to be produced by significantly cutting time requirements and manpower costs, meeting the specific needs of our customers.

Elettrotecnica Imolese designs and builds assembled electrical switchboards, wired, with equipment 

testing in accordance with electromechanical designs, construction specifications and currently applicable regulations:

  • Automation control systems for industrial machinery and systems
  • Monitoring and supervision systems for industrial processes
  • Fieldbus distributed systems for industrial machinery and systems
  • MV and LV auxiliary and distribution systems
  • Containerized electrical cabinet systems
  • Revamping and/or Upgrading of obsolescent command and control systems for industrial machinery and plants

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